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Mmmhops is a malt-forward English style Pale Ale, combining English and American grain with both bread and caramel notes, completed by a unique blend of American hops which provide mild fruit overtones and a complex hoppy finish. Awarded the Gold Medal in the 2013 World Beer Championships, our flagship style was envisioned as a “gateway into craft,” going down easy but full of complexity and personality, to convert the casual beer fan or please the most discerning craft drinker.

Mmmhops - 7.5% abv


Pink Moonlight - 7% abv

Gaze at the starry skies and enjoy our collaboration with Destihl Brewery, loaded with fruit flavors and aromas from peaches, mosiac, el dorado and amarillo hops with a light creaminess from lactose. Cheers!


Inland Porter - 6.3% abv


We start this collaboration with Dead Armadillo Brewery with heavy doses of Victory, Chocolate, and Black Patent malts for roasted aromas of coffee, toffee and caramel and finish with East Kent Goldings and Challenger hops for warm spice notes and dry, floral aromas.  Medium bodied and focused on robust flavors in balance.



Originally crafted as a special release for our annual Hop Jam Beer & Music Festival in Tulsa, OK, this refreshingly flavorful brew is our go-to beer to share at special events because it makes every gathering a bit more festive.  Hop Jam Festive Ale is a light in body Saison with a smooth and balanced bright, clean flavor. The recipe incorporates wheat, barley, and rye, rounded out with subtle spice and citrus notes from the addition of coriander and orange peel, and a fresh, bittering hop finish. 

Festive Ale - 6.5% abv


Redland is a smooth and earthy Amber Ale with roasted American and British grain, balanced by a medley of floral hops. It stays true to its roots as a working class beer found in the corner pub, augmented by an American yeast to bring it back home. Known for it’s red and caramel color and earthy flavor profile, we were inspired to name this delicious beer “Redland” as an homage to the iconic style and the rich red earth of our home state of Oklahoma. 

Redland Amber Ale- 6% abv


Tulsa Tea is a full-bodied Imperial Stout. This beer is robust and rich, including eight different grains plus flaked oats, cocoa nibs and a trio of hops. The complex roasted flavor profile includes strong chocolate and subtle coffee undertones, hints of bourbon and vanilla, and finishes with a spicy hop bitterness and pointed nose. This Imperial Stout’s name is inspired by our own twist on a popular nickname for crude oil. These days we run on a different fuel and it’s a lot more delicious, it’s Tulsa Tea.

Tulsa Tea - 9% abv

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